Fast Approximate Shortest Paths in the Congested Clique

  • Theory Seminar, Technion, May 2019
  • The 9th Bertinoro Workshop on Algorithms and Data Structures (ADS), Italy, June 2019

Distributed Approximation of k-edge-connected Subgraphs:

  • Reading Group, ETH Zurich, August 2018
  • Theory Seminar, Weizmann Institute, November 2018

Distributed Spanner Approximation:

  • Theory Seminar, Technion, April 2018
  • Workshop on Local Algorithms (WOLA), MIT, June 2018 (poster presentation)
  • Theory Seminar, Ben Gurion University, December 2018

Distributed Approximation for Tree Augmentation:

  • Distributed Computing Seminar (TDC), Technion, March 2017
  • Network Algorithms Seminar, Tel Aviv University, January 2018